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Contact Merged Webhook

Developer Preview

Triggered when one or more source contacts are merged into a target contact.

Merging contacts triggers these webhooks:

  • Contact Merged is triggered.
  • Contact Updated is triggered for the target contact. originatedFrom is sent with the value merge.
  • Contact Deleted is triggered for each source contact. originatedFrom is sent with the value merge.

If your app handles the originating merge event, it can ignore update and delete events where originatedFrom is set to merge. When Contact Updated and Contact Deleted are not triggered from a merge, originatedFrom is omitted from their payloads.


This webhook requires the Manage Members and Contacts - all permissions or the Read Members and Contacts - all read permissions or the Manage Contacts or the Read Contacts permission scope.

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The data payload will include the following as an encoded JWT:

Event Body


2 "data": {
3 "eventType": "wix.contacts.v4.contact_merged",
4 "instanceId": "<app-instance-id>",
5 "data": "<stringified-JSON>"
6 }

The parsed data will include:

Sample Data


2 "id" : "200a394d-4646-482c-b328-23e94563c90c",
3 "entityFqdn" : "",
4 "slug" : "merged",
5 "entityId" : "39d1aab2-2eda-4dd7-95fb-263ccf0e9bb4",
6 "actionEvent" : {
7 "bodyAsJson" : "{\"targetContactId\":\"39d1aab2-2eda-4dd7-95fb-263ccf0e9bb4\",\"sourceContactIds\":[\"8e2070c3-10dd-40eb-bf81-ab01b4e41e28\"],\"targetContact\":{\"id\":\"39d1aab2-2eda-4dd7-95fb-263ccf0e9bb4\",\"revision\":1,\"source\":{\"sourceType\":\"WIX_APP\",\"appId\":\"74bff718-5977-47f2-9e5f-a9fd0047fd1f\"},\"createdDate\":\"2020-10-18T13:40:57.803Z\",\"updatedDate\":\"2020-10-18T13:42:11.254Z\",\"lastActivity\":{\"activityDate\":\"2020-10-18T13:40:57.803Z\",\"activityType\":\"CONTACT_CREATED\"},\"primaryInfo\":{\"email\":\"\"},\"info\":{\"name\":{\"first\":\"John\",\"last\":\"Doe\"},\"emails\":{\"items\":[{\"id\":\"95606596-4006-4945-811d-61ba1fca629d\",\"email\":\"\",\"primary\":true}]},\"company\":\"Example\",\"jobTitle\":\"Clerk\",\"extendedFields\":{\"items\":{\"emailSubscriptions.effectiveEmail\":\"\",\"emailSubscriptions.subscriptionStatus\":\"NOT_SET\",\"contacts.displayByFirstName\":\"John Doe\",\"contacts.displayByLastName\":\"Doe John\"}}}}}"
8 },
9 "eventTime" : "2020-10-20T07:22:04.564864Z",
10 "triggeredByAnonymizeRequest" : false