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About Wix Payments

Wix Payments enables site owners to collect payments from online stores, bookings, events and more on their site.

Wix Payments supports the following Wix Apps:

  • Wix Stores (1380b703-ce81-ff05-f115-39571d94dfcd)
  • Wix Bookings (13d21c63-b5ec-5912-8397-c3a5ddb27a97)
  • Wix Events (140603ad-af8d-84a5-2c80-a0f60cb47351)
  • Wix Paid Plans (1522827f-c56c-a5c9-2ac9-00f9e6ae12d3)
  • Wix Pay Button (3575d251-42c3-4992-adff-170b2af90a2c)
  • Wix Invoices (13ee94c1-b635-8505-3391-97919052c16f)
  • Wix Music (13bb5d67-1add-e770-a71f-001277e17c57)
  • Wix Video (14409595-f076-4753-8303-9a86f9f71469)
  • Wix Hotels (135aad86-9125-6074-7346-29dc6a3c9bcf)
  • Wix Blog (14bcded7-0066-7c35-14d7-466cb3f09103)
  • Wix Subscriptions (8725b255-2aa2-4a53-b76d-7d3c363aaeea)
  • Wix Restaurants Orders (13e8d036-5516-6104-b456-c8466db39542)

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