About the Domain Search API

The Domain Search API allows you to retrieve suggestions for domains that are spot-on for your customers' sites and check the availability of a specific domain.

With the Domain Search API you can:

  • Check whether a specific domain is available for purchase.
  • Generate suggestions for available domains.

You can use the Registered Domains API to purchase domains through Wix. Learn more about managing DNS zones with the Domain DNS API. If you've bought a domain externally, you can connect it to the relevant Wix site with the Connected Domains API.

Before you begin

Use cases


  • Domain: Domain name including Top-level domain (TLD).
  • Suggestion: A suggested domain that's available for purchase.
  • Registered domain: Domain that's purchased, registered, and billed through Wix.
  • External domain: Domain that has been purchased through an external provider, not Wix. You can use the Connected Domains API to connect external domains to Wix sites.
  • Account: Wix account that includes access to associated sites.
    • Team account: Account type that supports collaborative work by having multiple sets of login credentials. This is especially helpful for agencies and resellers when managing a large number of customer sites. In Wix Studio team accounts are called workspaces. An agency may have multiple workspaces in Wix Studio, while in Wix Editor they're limited to a single team account.
    • Sub-account: Account that's contained within another account, forming a hierarchical structure. The owners of the sub-account are only able to interact with sites that belong to the sub-account. This setup is particularly useful for agencies and resellers since it limits client access to relevant sites only.
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