About the FAQ API

With the FAQ app installed, site owners can create a "Frequently Asked Questions" section in their website for their members and visitors.

This FAQ API provides the ability to view and manage the questions and answers in the FAQ app.

It provides CRUD functionality for question entries and categories, as well as endpoints that allow you to change a question's order in a category, and its visibility status.


  • Categories are themed groupings of FAQ entries that a site owner can create to organize their FAQ questions (e.g., Shipping, Returns, etc.).
  • Labels are additional groupings of FAQ entries for organizing FAQ questions in specific contexts, other than the site, e.g. chat bots.
  • Question entries are the FAQ questions with their respective answers. The question and answer texts are saved as draftjs rich text.

For more information about the draftjs rich text editor format, please see: https://draftjs.org/


It is not possible to look up questions by their text (i.e. free text search is not supported).

The API will return up to 100 questions or categories with default pagination.

Use Cases

The FAQ API supports integration of FAQ site content into third-party developers' applications.

Examples could be:

  • enable a customer service agent to create, update, and share curated standard answers to customers' questions in a dedicated, chat channel or help center, without having to edit the main site (while having the site reflect those changes)
  • allow a site owner or developer to reuse and manage shared FAQ content across multiple sites to maintain consistency, separately from the look and feel of each different site

Reusing modular content like FAQs so it is relevant to different audiences takes some planning, so here we give some examples of how to set up and keep track of your content using the API.

Categories and Labels

Labels and categories are similar, but they have very different use cases.

Categories are user-visible in the FAQ section of the site. A site owner can create categories and assign questions to them.

Labels support integration with other apps, and as such are invisible to site owners, and site owners cannot create labels.

Only questions can belong to labels. Labels, unlike categories, cannot exist without a question. No labels are added to a question by default.

A question can only belong to one category, and up to 100 labels.

Sort Order

Questions, Categories and Labels have a property called sortOrder, which works differently in each context:

  • Category: order of categories in the FAQ section on the site.
  • Question: order of questions within a category.
  • Label: order of questions within a label.


A user has two categories: shipping and returns. Those objects look like this:

Copy Code
id: "shipping-category-id-uuid",
title: "shipping",
sortOrder: 10,
id: "returns-category-id-uuid",
title: "returns",
sortOrder: 20,

When listing categories, shipping will always be above returns. Using increments of 10 allows you to move or add new categories.

Say shipping has two questions:

  • "How do you ship?"
  • "How much does shipping cost?"

Simplified, they could look like:

Copy Code
id: "question-1-id-uuid",
question: "how do you ship?",
answer: "< draftjs rich text >",
sortOrder: 10,
categoryId: "shipping-category-id-uuid",
labels: [
title: "email-question",
sortOrder: 999

The order of this question within the category shipping is 10, but in the context of the label email-question the order is 999.

In the FAQ section, site visitors will find this question under the category shipping and with a sortOrder of 10.

However, if a third-party app were to list all questions that have a label email-question (from all categories) this FAQ entry would have the order sequence of 999.

To update the sortOrder of categories use the Update Category endpoint.

For FAQ entries you can either:

  • Use Update Question if any text fields require updates as well, or
  • Use Update Questions Visibility in Category to move one or several FAQ entries between categories in the site.
  • To change sortOrder within labels, use Bulk Update Label Order.


The FAQ is integrated with Wix Multilingual.

Wix Multilingual

The FAQ comes with out-of-the-box integration with Wix Multilingual.

If the site that contains the FAQ section also contains the Multilingual app - on every create resource (category or question entry) request, resource texts will be sent to Multilingual, and the site owner can translate FAQ content.

On List requests, FAQ automatically queries data from Multilingual and merges translated content into the requested objects. The language is resolved from Multilingual's language, locale, or the site's defaults (in that order).

If Multilingual is installed to a site later than the FAQ app, all existing FAQ content will be batch sent to Multilingual for localization.

For more information, see this article on Wix Multilingual.

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