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About Wix Stores

Wix enables site owners to quickly and easily create and manage an online store for physical and/or digital products on their site. Read more about the Wix Stores features.


  • The catalog is a complete list of all the store’s products - compiled automatically.
  • Collections are themed groupings of items for purchase that a store owner can create to organize their products (e.g., Spring 2019, Running shoes, etc.). Products can belong to multiple collections.
  • Options are property types that customers can select within the specific product - e.g., color and size.
  • Selections are the types available within each option - e.g., red and green selections under the Color option.
  • Choices are the specific choices the customer has made within a selection - e.g., choosing the red Selection triggers the red Choice.
  • Variants are combinations of different product choices - e.g., a red shirt in size large. A variant can override the following values from the parent product:
    • Price
    • SKU
    • Weight
    • Inventory

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The standard Wix API pagination includes:

limit: amount of items per response (defaults will be defined per use case)
offset: number of items to skip

The following example:

"query": {
"paging": {
"limit": 100,
"offset": 20
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Should return items 21-120 in the collection.

Wix Stores query endpoints are designed to handle a max of 10k data items. Therefore, if a user's store includes ~10k relevant items (e.g., products, inventory items), limit and offset may fail.

Instead, filter by numericId (query products, query inventory) or number (query orders) and sort in ascending order:

"query": {
"sort": [{"numericId": "asc"}],
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Then copy the last numericId/number sent in this call and call the endpoint again:

"sort": [{"numericId": "asc"}],
"filter": {
"numericId": {
"$gt": <last numeric id>
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Continue until you receive an empty JSON as a response.

Escape the JSON strings in your query parameters.

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Rich Text

Select parameters currently accept values with rich text. The following rich text formatting is accepted:

<p><strong>This is bolded text</strong></p>
<p><u>This is underlined text</u></p>
<p><span style=\"color:#cb2026\">This is red text</span></p>
<p><span style=\"color:#000000;\"><span style=\"background-color:#ce5028;\">This is black text with a red background</span></span></p>
<p><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">This is a link</a></p>

<li>This is a bullet</li>
<li>This is a second bullet</li>
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<li>This is a numbered list item</li>
<li>This is a second numbered list item</li>
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