onBeforeUnload( )

Registers a beforeunload event handler for a dashboard page.

This function can only be used in page code files for dashboard pages created in the Wix Editor or with Wix Blocks.

onBeforeUnload() accepts a callback that's triggered when a site builder is about to navigate away from a dashboard page or when the browsing context of an app is being unloaded. This can happen when the site builder selects another page from the dashboard's sidebar.

The event object passed to the callback function contains a function called preventDefault(). If the callback calls preventDefault(), navigation away from the page is paused. A dialog is displayed in the dashboard warning the site builder that there may be unsaved data on the page. The site builder can choose to stay on the current page and save their data, or to proceed.


  • The beforeunload event does not fire when a site builder closes the browser or refreshes the page.
  • You should not assume that the beforeunload event will always fire or that the confirmation dialog will always be presented. These behaviors vary depending on the site builder's browser.
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

callback(event: onBeforeUnloadEvent): void Callback function to call when the beforeunload event fires. The function receives an event object as an argument.

Return Type:onBeforeUnloadReturn
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