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About Site Properties

Site Properties are a set of business-related values associated with a particular Wix site. It is modelled as a stream of versioned events (as in an event-sourced system), which can be accessed as-is or materialized into snapshots; a snapshot is essentially a key-value container that represents site properties at a given point in time (or version).

The Site Properties API is a service that holds all the public information about the site/business in one single place, including its name, address, contact info and more. It’s a single source of truth for this data across Wix.

Site owners enter this information in the Wix Business Manager under Settings > General Info.

Site Properties Info

  • Basic Info: Business Name, Site Display Name, Logo, Description, Categories
  • Contact Info: Email, Phone, Fax
  • Location: Address (Country, State, City, Street, Apartment, Zip Code, Description, Has physical address)
  • Region: Locale, Language, Multilingual, Payment Currency, Timezone
  • Opening Hours: Business Schedule

Language vs. Locale

  • Language (e.g. “en”) determines the site language that will be displayed to the user of user on the site. It’s a list of (currently) 29 languages that Wix supports.
    It also used in the html of the site for SEO and browser support purposes.
  • Locale (e,g, “en-US”) determines the formats that will be used across the site: date and time, currency, units and measurements, and first day of the week.

Wix saves and supports both, in order to support all locales, even though Wix doesn't support all languages, and to allow special combinations, such as a site in Japanese for users in the US.

Site Categories Examples

Online Store
Photography Music & Culture
Restaurants & Food Accommodation
Travel & Tourism
Portfolio & CV
Health & Wellness
Fashion & Lifstyle
Community & Education
Consulting & Coaching
Advertising & Marketing
Automotive & Cars
Real Estate
Finance & Law
Technology & Apps
Pets & Animals
Home & Electronics
Travel & Documentary Weddings & Celebrations
Conferences & Meetups
Sport & Recreation
Religion & Non Profit
Creative Arts
Performing Arts
Promotional Page Sports & Outdoors
Kids & Babies Parenthood
Art & Culture
Leisure & Activities
News & Opinions
Business & Management

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