About the Connected Domains API

The Connected Domains API allows you to connect domains that haven't been registered through Wix to a Wix site. You can connect domains either by nameservers or pointing. The domain can be assigned as the primary domain or a redirect. It may take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to take effect when creating a connected domain.

With the Connected Domains API you can:

  • Create and retrieve connected domains
  • Retrieve setup information

Read more about primary and redirected domains. You can use the Domain DNS API to manage DNS zones for domains that are connected by nameservers. If you plan to register available domains through Wix you can use the Registered Domains API.

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • The Connected Domains API is accessible via API keys. You can't access this API with a standard Auth header. We recommend authenticating calls with an API key for your main account instead of using a key for the relevant sub-account. But the responses to calls remain consistent across API keys, provided you have the necessary permissions.
  • Once you create a connected domain, it may take up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to take effect. Learn more about domain propagation.
  • You can only connect domains to a Wix site with an active Premium plan. Use the Resellers API to add Premium plans and other paid Wix services to your customers' sites.
  • Wix doesn't manage DNS records for domains that are connected by pointing. That means you can use the Domain DNS API to update DNS zones only for domains that are connected by nameservers.
  • You can't connect registered domains to Wix sites with the Connected Domains API.

Use Cases


  • Connected domain: A domain that's owned by an external provider, not Wix. Also called external domain.
  • Registered domain: A domain that's owned by Wix and billed through Wix.
  • Connection type: Information about how the domain is connected to the Wix site.
    • Nameserver: A server component of the DNS that stores human-readable domain names. With this connection type, Wix hosts your DNS, while your domain remains registered with its current host.
    • Pointing: A connection type for cases where the DNS is hosted outside of Wix. Read more about connecting a domain to Wix by pointing.
  • Setup information: Information that helps site owners navigate the connection process. Includes the name of the domain's external registrar and information about DNS records.
  • Reseller: Strategic partner that offers Wix services to their customers. Read more about resellers.
  • Account: Wix account that includes access to associated sites.
    • Team account: Account type that supports collaborative work by having multiple sets of login credentials. This is especially helpful for agencies and resellers when managing a large number of customer sites. In Wix Studio team accounts are called workspaces. An agency may have multiple workspaces in Wix Studio, while in Wix Editor they're limited to a single team account.
    • Sub-account: Account that's contained within another account, forming a hierarchical structure. The owners of the sub-account are only able to interact with sites that belong to the sub-account. This setup is particularly useful for agencies and resellers since it limits client access to relevant sites only.
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